We are bunch of talented,
enthusiastic marketers who are

Why are we chosen? Because our clients can trust us blind; we provide marketing security by deliver engaging campaigns in time, in high quality.

And because it’s FUN. We love what we do, we like exploring new horizons and we love working with professionals where mutual solidarity, commitment, and respect are created between us.

That’s the secret of our Art of Engagement.


What we do?

Brand strategy

The brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. We help you to determine this promise by creating your brand essence and brand archetype. 

We build up the most effective communication tool bar to transmit the composed brand message.

Digital solutions

We manage all aspects of your online presence by making seductive content onto all platforms, managing social media which impresses followers and we could not work without living data which aren’t engaging enough to brand’s consumers. 

Sites, apps will be handled witheye-catching, user and mobile-friendly UX, UI design.

Shopper marketing

If there would be a generic prize like this, we would own “The master of promotions” title. 

We compose short-term tactic activities, long-term loyalty programs totally align with brand’s orientation.


We are proud of

What we achieved in the past few years: many rewards and prizes; plenty completed campaigns and projects. We also love working on charity projects and loads of coffee and our spirit that pushing us further.

Projects done

Engaged consumers

Effie awards


Distributed prizes

Best promotion rewards

Client quotes

Let’s keep it simple

Enthusiasm, Fun, Honesty, Humour – key words for us as people Professionalism, Knowledge, Creativity, Humbleness – as for professionals

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